We've got you covered - you can use our tools, or ask us to fix your site for a small fee.


If you suspect your Joomla site has been hacked then I am here to help! Don't panic and make things worse by restoring from a backup, blindly stabbing in the dark or making uneducated guesses - simply use my tools to pinpoint the exact problems and then fix them with my simple integrated tools.

Simple Set Fee

if you are running the latest Joomla version

£88/ site
  • Complete audit of your site
  • Manual review of all hacked files
  • Free month of myJoomla subscription
    *if you are not already a member
  • If you are not running the latest version of Joomla there is a set fee of 138 and we will leave you with a secure upgraded site.

Have me fix your site personally

I understand that not everyone has the time or experience to fix their own hacked Joomla website.

I also provide a personal service where I personally (Phil Taylor) will login and audit your site, repairing all the hacks and secure your website against further attacks - all this from just £88! When I finish you will receive a list of tasks I performed, and your site will be more secure and totally hack free!

Send me your site details encrypted here

Use my tools to fix your site

If your Joomla site is hacked you can use my tools online right now to fully audit your website and identify the changed files, revert them and fix all the problems with your sites security.
Your first audit is FREE and you might be surprised what you discover!

Who am I?

I'm glad you asked! :-) It means you take security of your site details seriously. Well, I'm this Phil Taylor, the same guy that has been involved with Joomla (and its predecessor, Mambo) from the very beginning.

I dont hide - a quick google of "Joomla Phil Taylor" will show you years of my history with Joomla.

My personal website:

Please feel free to contact me by email to ask questions.

Out of your depth?

Running your first audit is free, and no payment is needed, however if you still have questions feel free to ask for an near-instant reply!

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